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KEJO Cold Wax [200g] – [S]


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The KEJO COLD WAX (200g & 500g) is for the removal of unwanted hair, underarms and legs are rendered silky and more beautiful skin.


Aqua, Sugar, Lemon, Rose Glycerite, Red Sandalwood (Petrocarpus Santalinus), Padma Kashta (Prunus Cerasoides, Savandhara (Vetiveria Zizanioides)

How To Use

Clean the skin and dry it. Apply a thin lm of the wax with a spatula in the direction of the hair growth. Place a strip of cloth / wax strip over this area and press down rmly over the wax. Hold the skin tightly and pull the strip swiftly in the opposite direction of the hair growth. The hair will come off by the roots almost painlessly. Finally, clean the skin with clean water to remove wax stains and apply the after wax lotion.

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