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by RF Asia International

Authorized Agents for Keune products in sri Lanka

RF Asia International (Pvt) Limited was established in 2008.04.25. We started our journey with Keune in 2005 and our aim is to be the leader in hari cosmetic industry.

Keune has been making hair products for professionals since 1922. But they are so much more than just a supplier. All salons that work with us are a part of the Keune family. We say that not only because we are a family business, but because it suits our style. We want only the best for you when you sit in one of our salon chairs. That’s why we do business with a personal touch.

Keune Cares

It starts with awareness, you have more impact than you think. Keune strongly believe that it is our responsibility to take care of the planet and people. Not just for us, but especially for future generations.

We care about you, about the world and want to continue this way for many generations to come. To make that happen, you have to actually do things. Things with impact. Everything we do and how we do it you can read below. With the Keune Cares logo, we will therefore show from now on what we do in the field of sustainability and a better world for everyone.