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Our updated Keune

Ultimate Blonde range

Create healthy, strong, and resilient blonde hair for each customer in just three easy steps.

Creating strong, healthy and resilient blonde hair

The Keune Healthy Blonde Program

Blonde is such an important – and fun – part of a colorist’s craft. We all know it is one of the most popular color treatments.

Very few people are natural blondes, and about 60% of women would really love to go blonde. Women want to have it all – blonde hair or highlights, plus strong hair that is silky and soft. And who can blame them? But clients worry about damage to their hair. Knowing how to actively protect their hair during a blonde service is part of our responsibility.

So we are happy to introduce a new way to keep blonde hair strong and resilient – in just 3 steps. With the new Keune Healthy Blonde Program.

Keune’s Lab has integrated the Blonde Fuser technology into Ultimate Blonde, Power Blonde, and Cream Blonde – as well as the Care Silver Savior Shampoo and Conditioner.

We are also excited to launch 2 completely new products: After Blonde Treatment and Silver Saviour Foam Treatment.

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What are the benefits for your client and you?

Creating strong, resilient blonde hair just got easier, thanks to Keune’s scientific heritage and expertise. What are the benefits of working with the new Keune Ultimate Blonde Program – with integrated Blonde Fusion technology?

Quick and easy blonde treatments, in just 3 steps:

  • Shields disulfide bonds and creates new bonds with lifting*
  • Significantly reduces hair damage
  • Long-lasting conditioning
  • Stunning shine and softness
  • The same trusted mixing consistency

*Based on instrumental testing with Power Blonde

Healthy blonde hair in 3 steps


Our all-in-one lifting powders – Power Blonde and Creame Blonde – contain integrated Bond Fuser technology to lift while building and repairing bonds. This helps protect hair’s integrity. Just mix as usual.


After lifting, blonde hair needs special care. Introducing After Blonde Treatment – a completely new salon treatment for healthy softness and lasting conditioning.


How can your clients keep their healthy cool blonde hair looking and feeling great at home? With Keune Care Silver Shampoo and Conditioner – and the all-new Keune Care Silver Savior Foam Treatment, a leave-in conditioning mousse.

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Three treatments highlighted

We offer many different blonde treatments, but the following treatments we would like to highlight especially:

  • The Classic Highlight Treatment
  • The Balayage Treatment
  • The Global Decoloration Treatment

Continue reading for more details.

Classic Highlight Treatment

There’s a good reason this is a classic. It’s a treatment that gives the hair a fresh and blonde effect. By tailoring the placement to your client’s wishes, you can use this classic technique to create unique looks. Finish with a toner or a glaze in the desired color, and each client will have their perfect blonde.

The face framing balayage

This service focuses attention on the face. The effect can be strengthened by placing more highlights – or be made more subtle by using fewer highlights. The balayage in the rest of the hair brings it all together. It’s the perfect service for clients who want to go a bit beyond sun-kissed hair.

The Global Decoloration

Platinum blonde is a look that really stands out. This technical decoloration treatment is a total transformation and demands the utmost of a colorist’s skills. When perfectly executed, it’s proof that a pro has been at work!

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