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Permanent color

Tinta Color

Perfectly luscious coverage

Tinta color

As a stylist, you know that creating a beautiful permanent color is just the beginning. Protecting it and keeping the hair shiny and healthy comes next. The unique cocomide formulation uses pearlescent coconut oil protects hair and scalp. Our Triple Color Protection Technology is what makes Tinta Color so effective.

Tinta Color, provides supreme conditioning, luminous shine and a perfect coverage.

Triple Color Protection Technology

UV protection: Solamer UV filter shields the hair from harmful UV rays and keeps the color from fading.

LP 300 color stabilizer: the Tinta Cream Developer contains LP300 which ensures pigments are tightly bound into the hair structure during the process. As a result, the color fades more slowly.

Silk Protein: helps repair and nourish color-treated or damaged hair. Hair that’s already in prime condition will enjoy more long-lasting color vibrancy because the pigments are locked deep in the hair structure. After rinsing, you’ll see and feel the hair is in better condition than before.

Tinta Ultimate Cover

Covering grey hair can be a challenge to even the most experienced colorist. Thankfully, you can rely on the Tinta Color Ultimate Cover series.

Travel back in time with our on-trend shades that give beautiful results with each use. High color intensity, perfect grey coverage, all in one single tube.

TINTA COLOR Ultimate Cover

  • Developed for 50% or more grey hair
  • Extra pigments penetrate deep into the hair
  • Delivers excellent coverage without mixing shades
  • 15 beautiful shades
  • Contains nourishing ceramides that help soften grey hair

Tinta Lift & Color

The best of both worlds: this product lifts and deposits color at the same time.

Intense, long-lasting shades formulated especially for highlights or color accents. Tinta Lift & Color is suitable for both virgin and colored hair. Here’s what’s great about this product:

  • Lifts and tones simultaneously
  • Works on both virgin and colored hair
  • Lush, vibrant color result

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