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Colors with attitude

Color Chameleon

From boldly outspoken hair to subtle statements,

Keune Color Chameleon is a range of nine intense direct dyes,

plus two shade shifters to pastelize or deepen,

that offer vibrant, fashion-forward color results.

Meet Keune Color Chameleon

Creative colorful hair is everywhere – on the catwalk, at festivals, on the street and in the office. Vibrant and pastel hair colors are taking on the role of fashion and make-up. And not just among on-trend millennials. Fashion-forward women and men of all ages love playing with their hair color – and using it to express themselves. Now Keune Color Chameleon gives them – and you, as their colorist – the freedom to perfectly match their hair color with their attitude.

The multicolor rainbow

The Multicolor Rainbow is not for the shy or timid among us. This look demonstrates the vibrancy of the colors at their most intense level. For this look, we work with a range of five vibrant colors.

The orange highlights

If you’re a perfectionist who likes total balance and symmetry, this technique is perfect for you. The colors we used for this look – Orange, Rose, Yellow and Magenta – are bold, bright and happy.

How to work with Color Chameleon

Color Levels

For super vibrant results, the best base is pre-lightened hair on color level 10. However, most shades work well on pre-lightened hair on level 6 or higher. The lightest shades give the best result on pre-lightened hair on color level 8 or higher. The table below shows the color results you can achieve.

The blue-green fade

The sensation of melting color can be created by seamlessly blending any color combination imaginable. We worked with Blue and Green, for an appealingly eye-catching look that’s sophisticated and enticing.

The lilac balayage

Balayage is French for ‘to sweep’, and refers to the sweeping motions a brush makes when true hair artists are hand-painting hair. This look was created with a pastelized Violet for a flattering and feminine feeling.

Play with color

Shade shifters

Use the Keune Color Chameleon shade shifters, Clear and Dark, to play with the intensity of the shades. Mixing with Clear softens the intensity of the color and creates pastel hues. Add a little bit of Dark to deepen the color and create beautiful muted tones. Be inspired by the effect of Clear and Dark, and let your creativity run free.

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