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So Pure


Say farewell to flakes

So Pure Exfoliating

Nobody likes dandruff. Thankfully, itchy scalp and flakey hair are history with So Pure Exfoliating treatments – at salons, and by following up at home. We blended organic tea tree oil with willow bark extract to safely exfoliate scalp and wash dandruff down the drain – and keep it away.

Tea tree and lavender oil not only disinfect – they also calm the scalp and create a relaxing atmosphere. Naturally, the oils we use are certified organic. And the shampoo is sulfate-free and gentle on hair and scalp.

Gentle yet effective

Key ingredients

Willow bark extract
Effectively removes dandruff flakes and improves the moisture level of scalp.

Moroccan argan oil 
Certified organic and rich in vitamins A and E, to strengthen and hydrate hair and scalp.

Tea tree oil
Certified organic oil that exfoliates, disinfects and stimulates circulation and leaves hair and scalp clean.

Lavender oil
Certified organic oil that soothes sensitive scalps and has an overall calming effect.



STEP 1. Exfoilating Essential Oil – Apply a few drops of essential oil to a hot towel and place the towel on your client’s forehead.

STEP 2. Exfoilating Shampoo – Shampoo the hair to cleanse. Shampoo the hair again and massage the scalp.

STEP 3. Exfoilating Treatment – Apply a small amount of treatment to your finger tips and massage the scalp until it is flake-free.

STEP 4. Comb – Take a comb and comb the hair strand by strand. Rinse thoroughly and towel dry the hair.

STEP 5. Exfoilating Shampoo – Apply the shampoo again and towel dry the hair

STEP 6. Moroccan Argan Oil – Apply Moroccan Argan Oil to the lengths and ends and leave in.

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